Times Have Changed: It’s Not What You Know, nor Who You Know, It’s What They Know about You That Counts

It is true. Times have changed and to succeed in this fast-paced digital world of friending, linking, accepting, and commenting you must be known for something.

It used to be that who you know got you the job or made you a better candidate than your opponent but today who you know is not enough. It takes an inventory of reputation built online where others can openly and candidly validate your value to make it to the next level. So what can you do to stand out, and what are some effective ways to be known for something when it counts?

10 Tips to Brand Yourself as Someone to Know

If you are looking for a job in this tough economy, looking to protect your brand, or looking to establish a presence where you can be known for something here are 10 things you should do now!


Change Your Last Name to “Dot Com” – To build instant credibility create a website that includes your name.com. This will not only give others a way to get to know you. It will give them something to say about you to others making your brand viral.
Comment on Three Blogs a Week – Find a blog, any blog of interest and begin having a dialogue in the blogosphere. You will be surprised to see how people like to comment on what others have said. When they comment on you they will also now know you for your insight.
Post Photos of Yourself at Important Events – People associate your value with the places you go, the events you attend and with whom you are seen. To stand out as someone worth meeting let others know that you are at the center of where the action happens.
Respond in Writing to Current Events and News Stories – Have you ever written a note to the President, or a congressman, or an anchor on your local news station with a response to a breaking story. You may not think these actions matter but they can make you a standout overnight. More importantly they let others know that you have an opinion and are not afraid to take initiative.
You Tube Your Way To Fame – The power of internet video is that you can create millions of impressions, receive thousands of accolades, and make a strong statement of why you should be picked for something. Also people remember video twice as much as they remember written content.
Get a Reference Quote from A Credible Source – It used to be that you made your references available upon request. Today others need to know what others are saying about you. Collect quotes like “An incredible talent”, A financial genius”, “An uplifting speaker” that will help others put you in the context of the desirable.
Choose Charity Always – When you are “giving back”, others you will find you more appealing to talk about and your brand will be a favorable one to remember.
Make New Friends – The best way to become known is to make new friends who can know you in different scenarios. The more circles you travel in, the more mileage you will gain in making yourself memorable.
Don’t Wear a Nametag – Wear a smile instead. It’s easy for someone to dismiss you when they think you are not approachable. A smile is the best way to give others access to find out just how good you are.
Become an Advisor…on Anything – When you give advice you increase the perception that you actually know what you are talking about. If your advice helps even one person you can say you have a proven track record. Your track record is the lifeline of your reputation. Make it work for your personal brand.

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