10 Ways to Work Yourself Back To Work

1. Filter Your Dreams through the funnel of Reality. Make a list of the jobs you would be willing to do at the lowest salary you would be willing to accept, and what jobs you simply will not seek under any circumstances.

2. Set up a Dating service for your skills. Match a specific skill you possess to a specific human contact who you will flirt your credentials in front of.

3. Take a Financial Gymnastics Class. Understand how much capital you need to survive, how much you have to invest in your search, and at what point canned tuna gets added to your shopping list.

4. Run for Office. Make yourself a public figure by campaigning your platform on all the job boards, company job sites, help-wanted ads, amightyriver.com, and by attending professional networking events.

5. Make a Withdrawal from the Google ATM. Build a one page personal website that displays your picture, credentials, contact information, a statement of something you did to drive value for someone or something else and a referral of your work from a former boss or supervisor.

6. Go Back to Your First Love. Track down all your former bosses or people who know your work value and ask them to write an online appraisal that you can post to your site or if they will take you back to reunite the union.

7. Get a Personal Brand Makeover. Get someone to evaluate your personal appearance, professional network, value-based skills, mindset, external reputation, and repackage you as a product worth buying.

8. Find Your Lifeline. Get Security for Your Blanket. Call home, phone a friend, identify your fallback source so you know where you would end up if your supply of financial resources runs dry.

9. Find a Cause. Be the Cause. Find a charity, or cause-related association and volunteer your time to help someone who is just fighting to live. It will give you needed perspective to understand the opportunity of temporary unemployment vs. the certainty of terminal illness.

10. Start a Therapy Practice. Set up a newsletter, a blog, self-publish a series of articles to create an official means for giving others advice on a subject you have an expertise in. The more people who think you are the authority the easier it will be to break through the clutter and get hired for your expertise.

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