You’ve Got Mail

Since the ancient days, in the Mesopotamian civilization, writing has been a tool used to express feelings, relay messages, and help understand what is misunderstood. Before Alexander Graham Bell introduced the telephone, writing letters was the prime method used to communicate with another person who was far away. Today, even after the genius invention of the telephone, technology has made a more advanced way of putting your literary skills to use. A few strokes of the fingers make reaching out to a distant friend or family member an easy task. The world today is moving at a high rate of speed, making the slow and moderate process of writing a letter time consuming; e-mail is a faster and more efficient way of communication.

Handwriting a letter can sometimes be a very tiring and boring process. Gripping a small wooden pencil, applying pressure with every letter can take its toll on the human flanges. In some cases writers develop long term arthritis due to constant writing. Typing an e-mail doesn’t create these problems. It doesn’t push your fingers to the limit just to get your point across. The keys are closely grouped together on the keyboard so the person doesn’t have to reach far to punch a key. Creating an e-mail also gives life and energy to the person who is typing the e-mail. The glow of the computer’s monitor lights up the room, assuring that typing an e-mail will never get boring.

Compared to an e-mail, writing a letter takes much more time; especially sending and receiving the letter. The recipient of the handwritten letter has to endure a slow wait, but we all know time doesn’t wait for anyone. Mail can take days, maybe even weeks to get to the right place. Using e-mail completely cuts out this long wait. With only a few clicks of the mouse, e-mails can be sent in a matter of seconds. Accessible through any computer with the internet, e-mails can be sent across the world in no time. Multiple e-mails and responses can be transferred on the spot; where as handwritten letters won’t reach its final destination in days.

Not only is e-mail much faster, but it is much more efficient. Sometimes letters can get lost in the mail due to man-made errors or a simple misspelling of an address. E-mail assures a safe take off and a smooth landing. Also e-mail provides digital spell check, reducing common errors and misspelled words. This tool really comes in handy when contacting a business partner or a college professor who you want to impress. E-mail is great for important documents that need to be sent right away.

The introduction of e-mail has changed the way people go about everyday life. The passion for writing still lies in many hearts of the people across the world, but the need for quick results has altered the way we think. Time is always ticking and most people don’t want to waste a second. Therefore, e-mail has opened a gateway; a digital highway for communication that has changed the world for the better.

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