Speak To Enhance Your Career

Did you know that by not being a confident speaker you could be losing money? For professionals who are in sales, management, executive positions, etc. speaking is an important part of the business. One of the most important steps is having a confident tone of voice. Here are some tips on projecting a confident tone of voice:

Does your voice cost you money? Or, does it contribute to your success?

Do people resonate with the sound of your voice as well as the message you share?

It’s an important question to know the answer to…

For many today, the sound of your voice can determine your level of success.

Your voice is either attracting or dissuading those that hear your message.

If you work on the phone, speak to groups, or your work requires you to speak to people on a daily basis (and who doesn’t?), the sound of your voice could be costing you thousands of dollars a year in lost income. If you’re a speaker, salesperson, manager, or an executive your voice could literally be costing you a $100,000 or more a year in lost revenue or business/career opportunities.

If you have a voice of a leader people resonate with the content and the context of your message.

When you have the voice of a leader people hear your integrity, they hear your message and the sound of your voice resonates with them. Your energy reflected in the sound of your voice literally attracts people to you in the most positive way possible. And, when you have the voice of a leader your voice never betrays you…

You never hear the high pitched” little girl” or “little boy” voice that comes out under stress.

How to improve your voice tonality.

Your voice is like a musical instrument. Your vocal cords are like strings on a guitar or violin. To improve your tonality, practice relaxing your vocal cords (the area around your throat) so your voice resonates when you speak.

You can practice experiencing the difference by humming. As you hum tighten your throat muscle (vocal cords) next relax and resonate. Notice the difference. The more you relax you throat area the more you will resonate.

Keep practicing relaxing your throat area until you can shift it easily and naturally.

Keep in mind fluids also impact your tonality. When you drink cold ice water your vocal cords tighten and your tonality shifts a little higher.

Also, avoid drinking coffee or tea with cream before an important talk. The cream will coat your vocal cords and impact the resonance.

Other factors are breathing, posture, and confidence. Breathe naturally and allow the air to create a nice flow pass your vocal cords.

Have good posture when talking. Sit tall or stand tall. Your posture affects your air flow and resonance from your chest. And, your confidence in what you are talking about reflects in the amount of energy you project, your voice tonality, and crispness in your message.

Ultimately to improve your vocal tonality it takes your complete mind and body working together to create a confident vocal message.

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