Defining Who You Are Marketing Your Personal Brand to Enhance Your Professional Career

Author and motivational speaker Kaplan Mobray has a question for you, “What is your personal brand?” Mobray teaches professionals, with his new book entitled “The 10K’s of Personal Branding,” how to market themselves in a unique way in order to create opportunities that will place them in position to accomplish their dreams.
In his book, Mobray demonstrates through ten key steps, including self awareness, failure, and consistency, how people view the world and how personal and public perception play key factors in people distinguishing themselves from one another, especially when they are looking for work in a competitive market.
Whether changing careers, starting your own business, or even getting a promotion, “The 10K’s of Personal Branding teaches individuals how to identify and utilize their inner most strengths and weaknesses as a means of successfully accomplishing their personal and professional goals.
In an exclusive interview, Mobray talks about the book and how these ten steps can change individual’s lives for the better. “In the book, I outline ten key steps as a part of a process for people to become their own self management system,” he said. “These same tips had a positive impact on my own career.”
As a result of his early success in corporate America, he was motivated to share and help others live by the same principles, he said. He believes marketing your personal brand transcends race, gender, and multiple cultures.
With technology being at the forefront of today’s economy and business world, Mobray re-emphasized the importance of black professionals using the Internet as a key marketing tool to launch their careers and gain exposure in the professional world.
He refers to professional networking websites such as “A Mighty,” an Internet based networking and career source for African American business professionals, in addition to social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook, as a means of black professionals to connect with each other in order to find good jobs in today’s economy.
“A Mighty” is a vehicle for black professionals to build their personal brand and market their professional skills,” Mobray said. “The site also uses ambassadors, or what we call “Navigators,” who help connect members with other black professionals in other cities or markets across the country to network and to locate job resources.”
The current unemployment rate in America is at an alarming 9.1 percent as of May 2009. “The 10K’s of Personal Branding” focuses on challenging individuals to reinvent themselves, using innovation and inspiration, drawn from within to produce the positive outcomes and life experiences they desire.
“Three key factors Mobray highlights from the book are knowing yourself, knowing what motivates you, and being consistent in order to identify your personal brand and distinguishing yourself from others. “It’s not about me,” Mobray said referring to his audience. “It’s about them.”
During his presentations, Mobray shares his own personal experiences with his audiences to help them better relate to his message in an inspiring way that will motivate them to move and take initiative to act on their own.
“I help people to understand their true sense of purpose and their “personal brand” for them to gain a greater outlook on their lives and careers,” he said. “I believe personal branding, not personal selling, creates opportunities for individuals to put themselves in better positions (job, marriage, relationships, etc).” Instead of dictating during his demonstrations, Mobray said that he shows people, through demonstrations and crowd participation, how to get results (positive outcomes and experiences).

He first came up with the idea of the “10K’s of Personal Branding” over 15 years ago at New York University where he was asked to do a presentation for a group of young college students. “The students from that class told me I helped change their lives through my presentation,” he said
“I’ve always wanted to make a positive impact, whatever I do,” Mobray said. “This is a book that should be lived, not read,” he urged. “I came from a home where both of my parents worked hard,” he added. “My goal is to take this message of building your personal brand to as many people as possible,” said Mobray.
“Recession is in the mind,” Mobray urged. “The 10K’s of Personal Branding” helps individuals to become a better version of him or herself to help them live their best lives.” Be Encouraged!

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